PROFILPLUS company is headquartered in Drama, in private land 13.000sq.m within which there is premises 5.000sq.m. In these buildings the company houses the five integrated structure production lines for aluminum spacer bars, storages of the product, support and administrative work facilities.

The company’s ability to evolve is the element that led it to the decision to function the first production line in the manufacturing of aluminum spacer bars in 2008. The direct results of this production, mainly in the quality of the product, combined with the excellent service given to the company’s partners, led to the increase of the demand. Therefore PROFILPLUS decides to gradually invest in the next three years in three more vertically integrated production lines for spacer bars and also in new buildings and industrial facilities as well.
In 2015 the company chooses a German origin machine in producing aluminum spacer bars, in order to obtain higher specifications for the new products.


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